Purgouv-13 is located in Staten Island, NY. Our vision for our product design was to combine Ultra Violate Light disinfection with a proprietary combination Hepa/Merv-13 Filter. The unit is Portable for commercial applications and requires no installation. The founders of PurgoUV-13 have over 30 Plus years of experience using UV, Ozone, and advanced filtration in commercial HVAC and Swimming pool sanitization systems. That experience and the need for a portable product led us to development of our combination Air Purifier. We discovered the need for this deign since not all commercial properties have central air systems, and some cannot concentrate on a specific high volume or confined areas that need air turnover to keep employees and customers in a safe and clean air environment.

Our products are manufactured in the USA and parts are readily available.

The Novel unit has a Three-Year Limited Warranty against manufacture defects.